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Welcome to the affiliate marketing workshop featuring Rosalind Gardner. My name is Terry Telford and I’ll be your host for today’s session as we talk to Rosalind about the business of affiliate marketing. Rosalind Gardner is one of the world’s premiere super affiliates, and her story is very, very inspirational, because she didn’t have any business background. In spite of that, she developed an affiliate business system that earns her an excess of $500,000 in U.S. dollars. Being a Canadian, she is able to leverage that further because of the fluctuations and exchange rates. Rosalind has agreed to share her wealth of knowledge with us today, and show us exactly how we can follow in her footsteps and start earning a really respectable affiliate paycheck. So, I’d like to start out by saying thank you very much for taking the time to be with us today, Rosalind.
And thank you for asking me today, Terry.
Maybe you can start out by telling us a little bit about yourself and how you ended up getting into affiliate marketing in the beginning.
I actually had no previous business experience, so it’s interesting to find myself where I am today. I was an air traffic controller and I did that for about 20 years. Towards the end of my career, they made some significant changes to the way they scheduled air traffic controllers and I found that it was impacting my health pretty seriously, so I needed a way out. That was around the time the Internet was starting to bloom. I learned how to design a really crappy webpage. I clicked on a banner ad that said, “Webmasters make money,” and what I landed on was a program called The One and Only Dating Network. They sold dating service memberships.
At around the same time, I was spending a lot of time in chat rooms, and the service that they were providing really made sense to me if you wanted to meet someone online as opposed to being in a chat room where you really had no idea who you were talking to. At least with the One and Only Dating Network service, you could select who you were going to speak with and contact based on geography, Love What You Do And You’ll Never Work Another Day In Your Life 4
education, values, and whatever else you want. So, it was something I could really get into.
But, the page I landed on was for their affiliate program. So, you could sell their dating service memberships and earn 50% of what people were paying for the membership on a monthly basis. Say someone bought a membership for $24.95 a month, you would earn about $12.50 a month from this. I thought, “Cool. I can design a really crappy webpage… maybe I’ll put together a little website that promotes this service.
Sure enough, I registered a domain, and I got my site listed with Yahoo! in just a couple of days. That doesn’t happen any longer, but there are still great ways to market your site. Basically, the first day it was listed with Yahoo!, I made a sale. A month later I got a check for $10.99. Basically, the rest is history. That proved positive to me that you could really make money like this, and by the end of the very first year I was clearing $5,000 a month and by the second year I quit my job as an air traffic controller.
Fantastic. Now, you just hit on something there… how important is it for an affiliate to have his/her own website?
Extremely important. There are different ways to market products. First of all, we should probably explain what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing is a fancy way of saying commission sales. Don’t let that deter you from doing it. Like I said, I had no sales experience or business experience; I learned as I went. Basically, you sell a product online and earn a percentage of the sale or something like that.
You can send traffic directly to a merchant site in some cases, but not all cases because some merchants don’t want you to do that. But, I think it’s absolutely essential that you send traffic to your site first, and that way if the person doesn’t buy, the still have the opportunity to sign up for your newsletter, which would be connected with an autoresponder series, where you’re building a list of your own leads. That way you are able to keep in touch with those people and send them other related offers to things that they’ve already indicated an interest in.
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