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Love What You Do And Youíll Never Work Another Day In Your Life
Hi, this is Terry Telford from https://www.tradebit.com and today weíre talking to Richard Butler who has a very special technique and talent as a business coach. A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from Richard that intrigued me. He was talking about a way to increase my online revenue, which Iím always interested in. I figured that it was a product or piece of software but I kept reading on and Richard was talking about business coaching. Iím vaguely familiar with coaching; I didnít really think that I needed any because I wasnít sure how it would help me to achieve my goals that I already set that Iím working towards.
But, after talking to Richard for about ten or 15 minutes, it became very apparent that he has a wealth of knowledge that will help me build my business as it can anyone else. A lot of the processes and procedures that Richard has in place can help you fine tune and focus your business and get things going in a straight direction instead of taking a roundabout way to get to your goals. So, I started doing a little bit of research on coaching, business coaching specifically, and there are a lot of coaches out there. A lot the big names that you find on the Internet have coaches but they keep it a little hidden; itís sort of their secret to success.
So, I asked Richard what his forte was, and what his USP or unique selling principle. Whatís unique about Richardís coaching that isnít covered by other coaches? Richardís real talent and skill is taking newbies from zero to hero. He takes someone from the very basics of coming online and wanting to make money online to a person who is actually achieving those goals and actually making money online. Without me going on any longer, Iíd like to say thank you very much for being on the call today, Richard.
Thank you very much Terry. Itís an honor to be on the call with you.
Thanks very much. I think what we can do first is talk about your background. How did you end up getting to the point of becoming a business coach? Where did you come from in life to get to where you are now?
Love What You Do And Youíll Never Work Another Day In Your Life
About ten years ago I started in the training business. One of the first courses I started up in Ireland was a web design course. It was one of the first courses at pre-university level. I did basically the design and implementation of the course and directed the course. That is where I got interested in the Internet. I ran that for about three or four years and then I wrote a book that got published called, The Internet Demystified. That actually looked at the Internet, tried to get rid of a lot of the technicalities of it, and tried to tell people exactly what the Internet was and what it could do for them.
From there I had the opportunity to change jobs and I started training, in the states you would probably call them pre-service teachers. They are going to be teaching at the primary levels of schools, about four to 11 year olds. I was teaching them IT and how to use IT in the classroom. Over the last couple of years, Iíve gotten more interested in Internet marketing. Iíve gotten many e-mails about how to make millions and millions without doing anything really and sitting in your pajamas at home. That really intrigued me. So, Iíve been developing into that.
Itís strange how things happen. To go back to the e-mail I sent you, it was because of an e-mail that you sent your list about goal setting. I thought that it was a good time to contact you and you replied. One thing led to another a few years ago and I got into life and business coaching. Itís a passion of mine to help people. Coaching really does that: Itís about looking where you are and helping you get to where you want to https://www.tradebit.com to read more.

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